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Pioneers in the SMS Messaging Services since 2003

NGT is a Jordanian Company established in February 2003, with an experienced and talented team. The directors of NGT have their roots in the information and telecommunication industry, designing and developing solutions & services for real businesses.

About US

NGT is managed by a board of directors with extensive experience in business, investment, management, data networking and delivery of innovative solutions & services for a number of leading GSM operators & corporate companies.

NGT is a licensed Service Provider and has agreements with all the local GSM operators in Jordan to provide SMS/MMS messaging solutions & services in addition to mobile applications and mobile based solutions & services. Also, NGT has implemented a number of solutions and services to regional operators and companies.

NGT was for eight consecutive years the only service provider for the e-Government of Jordan SMS Messaging Mobile Portal and mobile application that enabled MoICT & all government entities to manage SMS distribution, information subscription, and integrated all government Data bases with the mobile world through a number of different interfaces.

Our Vision

Products & Services


NGT MMSP provides a complete infrastructure with High Capacity (Carrier Grade) to manage SMS/MMS distribution and information subscription.


SMART Phones Mobile Applications, Solutions & Services. NGT can provide state-of-the-art, turn-key solutions for all smart phones (IOS, Android,and Windows).


NGT targeted profiling DB consist of around 7 million mobiles profiled and categorized based on location, profession, age, gender, income etc..


E-Gov PUSH/PULL Messaging portal.
Customized messaging portal for e-Gov PUSH and PULL SMS services


Interactive 2-Way PULL SMS Messaging.
Customized PULL SMS messaging solutions & services based on normal and premium rate


Dedicated Support.
We're experts in using our technology, tuned into customer's needs, always provide help with a smile


We also offer PUSH & PULL SMS Service for Educational institutions such as universities, colleges & schools.


SMS periodic reminders, alerts/notifications.
- SMS event based alerts/notifications
- SMS custom alerts/notifications

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9626 4619055 - 9626 4619155
96279 5530135
9626 4619155
Amman - Jordan

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